Easy to use Manufacturing Analytics Software for Plant Managers and Factory Personnel

Easy to use manufacturing analytics solution for plant managers and factory personnel which provides real-time machine monitoring and analytics of shop-floor data to drive decision making for higher throughput, reduced downtime and improved product quality. Understand real time status and uncover bottlenecks to eliminate production risk and improve cycle time. Bring visibility, insight and control into your global operations.

MINTVIZOR provides a modern web based configurable user interface supported by cloud hosting and machine learning driven alerts and predictions. Take an agile approach to manufacturing analytics with MINTVIZOR.

Drive Digital Transformation with MINTVIZOR

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Enriched Data with Contextualization

Enriched Data with Contextualization automating data preparation and applying rules and context creates meaningful data that is ready for analysis


Advanced Analytics and Visualization

Provides configurable dashboards with performance metrics, trends and analytics reporting, enterprise-wide operational insight into assets, people, and processes


Deliver Insights at the

Generation of metrics, alerts, identification of anomalies, and management of work request based on multi-dimensional aggregations of event streams resulting in predictive and prescriptive insights


Connect Operations with Industrial IoT

Connect devices through hardware and software adapters, aggregating the data on the edge into MTConnect standardized format, creating uniformity and meaningful data


Flexible IIoT Platform for Manufacturing Analytics

Rapidly build and extend your own smart manufacturing solution with purpose build platform


Increase Throughput & Quality, Reduce Downtime

Get access to easy levers which help you manage the effectiveness of your equipment and factory. Measure, monitor and improve the right operators parameters.

Your Digital Transformation Partner

MINTVIZOR for Production

An out of the box configurable cloud based analytics platform for operational intelligence in discrete manufacturing providing real-time visualizations and advanced analytics of shop-floor, enterprise, and supplier data


Flexible IIoT platform for Manufacturing and Industrial analytics applications. Reduce cost of your IIoT solution by leveraging an extensible framework with a broad set of built-in capabilities

MINTVIZOR Device Connectors

Provides a library of connectivity solutions for a variety devices and controls that enable manufacturers to acquire data from legacy equipment, CNCs, PLCs, EDMs, sensors, barcode readers, robots, 3D printers, welders, conveyers, assembly lines, and more

IIoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing