Manufacturing Analytics Software for Plant Managers and Factory Personnel

Easy to use manufacturing analytics solution for plant managers and factory personnel which provides real-time machine monitoring and analytics of shop-floor data to drive decision making for higher throughput, reduced downtime, and improved product quality. 

Understand real time status and uncover bottlenecks to eliminate production risk and improve cycle time. Bring visibility, insight, and control into your global operations. Offer is valid for limited time only. MINTVIZOR can help you with – 

Connect: Connect your assets and operations

Visualize: Pre-built & custom dashboards (drag & drop) for real time visibility into machine health, asset utilization, process parameters and part production

MONITOR: Implement and monitor KPIs that are relevant to your business and stakeholders.

COMMUNICATE: Transparent dashboards and reports for objective decision making. Empowering operators with customizable user interface and insights for making informed decisions.

COLLABORATE: Knowledge base to leverage operator experience, share tribal knowledge. Tickets communicate operational issues and requests across the workforce for rapid problem solving.

ANALYZE: Pre-built and custom reports to uncover performance trends and variations, hidden patterns, and drill- down insights into your manufacturing operations.

INTEGRATE: Download data for additional analyses by downstream systems (PowerBI, Tableau, Excel, etc.). Use APIs and connectors to integrate other systems (ERP, etc)

AUTOMATE: Use APIs and connectors to integrate contextualized equipment, other systems to streamline workflows and automate manufacturing and business processes.

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Bringing Value to Each Stakeholder

MINTVIZOR: Ready to use, powerful and customizable elements

  • Configurable Dashboards
    • easy-to-use, pre-configured real-time dashboards with drag-drop capabilities addressing the typical role-based operational information needed by factory personnel
  • Reports
    • easy-to-use, pre-configured and customizable reports to understand non-producing trends and drill down into root causes for waste and operational issues
  • Operator Panel
    • single machine view of all relevant operational insights so workers can make more informed decisions, based on information at their fingertips
  • Alerts
    • customize rules and thresholds of specific conditions
  • Tickets
    • communicate and collaborate across the workforce on operational information and issues for quick resolution
  • Knowledge Base
    • provides automated work instructions and guidance to operators based on asset activity to improve skills, reduce learning curve, and increase overall effectiveness.


MINTVIZOR provides a modern web based configurable user interface supported by cloud hosting and machine learning driven alerts and predictions. Take an agile approach to manufacturing analytics with MINTVIZOR.


MINTVIZOR for Smart  Manufacturing and Industrial Analytics: Use Cases 

MINTVIZOR provides the power of customization and flexible deployment along with the visualization and connection capabilities of an OOTB production solution. Leverage the OOTB application for quick value realization or utilize the power of the platform with its rapid application development framework to build smart manufacturing applications