Connect your Assets and Operations!

MINTVIZOR Device Connectors provides a library of connectivity solutions for a variety devices and controls that enable manufacturers to acquire data from legacy equipment, CNCs, PLCs, EDMs, sensors, barcode readers, robots, 3D printers, welders, conveyers, assembly lines, and more.

Limitless Data

Easily capture data from IoT connected assets, devices, equipment, databases, and systems.

Interoperability With Standards

Connect to more things today and in the future. Ensure data uniformity and integrity.

Data Privacy
and Security

Secure, authenticate, and encrypt communications. Protect data with robust access controls.


Start with a proof of concept, and scale effortlessly.

Capabilities / Features

  • Extensive software library of out-of-the-box drivers and I/O hardware edge devices to connect with all assets from modern to legacy
  • Support for generic and proprietary industry protocols across 100s of types of devices and manufacturers
  • Stream real-time data across the network to data centers and the cloud using open protocols including HTTP and MQTT
  • Use of standards-based communications to ensure interoperability between multi-vendor deployment and support future scalability and extensibility
  • Edge processing for advanced data preparation by structuring, standardizing, cleansing, normalizing, and enriching raw device/equipment data
  • Read-only data collection from industrial assets and the flexibility to block sensitive data collection which ensures ITAR compliance
  • Network security strategy aligned to IT best practices, secure data collection from devices/assets
  • Multilayer, segmented architecture to protect from intrusion, provide high performance and prevent unauthorized access
  • Wizard driven installation for easy deployment and scalability with automated device connectivity, provisioning, monitoring and management
  • Widest support of MTConnect Adapters to connect to thousands of types of controllers, sensors, and industrial assets
  • Support for legacy equipment lacking necessary connectivity options by utilizing sensors and digital/analog I/O adapters with Ethernet to extract the necessary signals from the devices

Manufacturing organizations can connect to heterogenous data sources and collect relevant data types from the factory floor and across the global manufacturing network.

Out of the box support for a variety of industrial assets including

  • Fanuc controller (requires Ethernet and FOCAS option enabled)
  • Heidenhain controller
  • Siemens 840D – HMI Advanced and SINUMERIK Operate (Requires OPC UA option)
  • Standard M700 Mitsubishi controller (Requires EZsocket)
  • Fagor controller
  • Citizen/Miyano machines with Mitsubishi controls.
  • OPC UA or DA-based data source
  • Modbus TCP, including support for standard Power Meters
  • PCDMIS-based CMM machines
  • SLM additive equipment
  • EOS additive equipment
  • Bosch MTX controls
  • Brother controls
  • MQTT-based data sources.
  • NUM Controls

Support for CSV, JSON, XML file integration

MintVizor Device Connectors