Get Real Time Visibility into your Shop Floor!

An out of the box configurable cloud-based manufacturing analytics solution for operational intelligence in discrete manufacturing providing real-time visualizations and advanced analytics of shop-floor, enterprise, and supplier data. MINTVIZOR for Production is the ideal partner which brings in agility in your digital transformation journey.

Optimize Complex Manufacturing Operations

Get real time visibility into shop floor data, analyze and make informed decisions

Improve Asset Utilization & Performance

Ability to monitor and manage equipment utilization, part production, workforce productivity, and asset health


Implement lean processes and standardized best practices. Improve maintenance processes and reduce associated costs.

Improve Productivity and Workforce Performance

Design & implement data-driven processes, methods and controls to improve productivity and reduce waste.

MINTVIZOR for Production

  • Use the inbuilt MINTVIZOR dashboards or create your own. View a heat map representation for the shop-floor status. Get a summary display of equipment utilization and production status over a specified time period. Use stripe charts to understand duration and transitions in productive and non-productive states for each equipment. Plot real-time values and trends for multiple machine parameters.
  • Leverage the comprehensive catalog of KPIs to measure, monitor and improve availability, performance and product quality. Metrics such as OEE, staffed utilization, net utilization, cycle time, good/bad part counts can be viewed easily and tracked for continuous improvement.
  • Deep dive into the part made on devices, metrics for the parts and answers questions related to improving the part performance. Use activity summaries to identify downtimes during changeovers and breaks.
  • Empower operators to make important decisions by providing information at their fingertips. Improve transparency and collaboration related to equipment and plant operations through a single platform accessible to all.
  • Improve and optimize planned maintenance schedules through proactive, rule based and predictive alerts and notifications.
  • MINTVIZOR Reports are available out-of-the-box and are also customizable to suit your needs. These reports can be tailored to perform historical analyses to help achieve improvement goals.
  • Reports with details of the performance of each device can be viewed for selected periods. Understand how a cell is doing or how individual equipment are performing. Reports can be used for various purposes like maintenance requirements, daily meetings, understanding variations in shop-floor performance, developing OEE benchmarks, etc.


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