Flexible IIoT Platform for Manufacturing and Industrial Analytics Applications

Reduce cost of your IIoT solution by leveraging an extensible framework with a broad set of built-in capabilities


Support for all shop floor assets and sensors, automated managed gateway


Realtime rules engine, ML, and AI transform equipment data, building a Data Foundation

Integration and Extensibility

Integrate, extend, and build your own solutions using APIs, SDKs, Libraries, Connectors

application framework
Application Framework

Out-of-the-box application framework to drive value from Day 1

Infrastructure and Deployment

Flexible deployment: on-premise, private cloud, public cloud


  • Enables rapid custom development and deployment of new industrial IoT/IIOT applications (data transformation, new algorithms and use cases) with Developer tools (Application Framework, UI Toolkit, APIs, Client SDKs, Connectors) and Data Science Toolkits
  • Distributed platform with flexible, scalable deployment at the edge, on-premise (data centers), in the cloud (private or public), or in hybrid environments
  • Modern distributed micro-service architecture, with containerized deployment and robust Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline
  • Interoperate with internal business applications and external partners, extending industrial processes to the supply chain for process and workflow automation


Device Connectivity
Extensive support for wide variety of industrial assets and sensors with an automated managed gateway for data streaming and connectivity.

DATA Transformation
Real-time rules engine, machine learning, and AI capabilities to transform asset and sensor data into predictive and prescriptive insights, providing the data foundation for advanced industrial solutions.

Integration and Extensibility
IoT Platform Fusion: Integrate with 3rd party IoT platforms, providing unified solutions to address Industrial IoT Use Cases. Integrate into your own applications using developer APIs, client SDKs, connectors, and UI toolkits. Extend the data transformation with custom algorithms and analytics.

Application Framework
Support Smart Industry solutions including Factory Digitization, Field Service Management, and Remote Asset Monitoring by leveraging our Application Framework, which includes: Dashboards, Operator Panel, Analytics, Alerts, Ticketing, Knowledge Base.

Infrastructure and Deployment
Support for flexible deployment options from on-premise, to private cloud, to managed public cloud. Fully automated provisioning and management capabilities to support highly scalable deployments.

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