Experience the benefits of manufacturing analytics in your factory…get real-time insights into operations.

Enriched Data with Contextualization
Automating data preparation and applying rules and context creates meaningful data that is ready for analysis

Advanced Analytics and Visualization
provides configurable dashboards with performance metrics, trends and analytics reporting, and operator collaboration; providing enterprise-wide operational insight into assets, people, and processes 

Deliver Insights at the Edge 
Generation of metrics, alerts and identification of anomalies based on multi-dimensional aggregations of event streams resulting in predictive and prescriptive insights

Connect Operations with Industrial IoT
Connect devices through hardware and software adapters, aggregating the data on the edge into MTConnect standardized format, creating uniformity and meaningful data

Flexible IIoT platform for Manufacturing and Industrial Analytics applications
Rapidly build and extend your own smart manufacturing solution with purpose build platform 

Increase throughput, reduce downtime, improve product quality 
Identify and address factors impacting equipment effectiveness and achieve your goals in a systematic agile manner

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