Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are transforming the world of manufacturing. Some large organizations are well ahead on the way to leveraging and benefiting from the technologies. Real-time manufacturing analytics is one such technology which helps organizations improve the speed of decision making and actions on the factory floor. However, there are many companies which still struggle to take the first step due to the fear of large capital investments and customization requirements.

MINTVIZOR simplifies this step significantly for organizations through its agile deployment offering. The software deployment methodology, packaging and pricing take the need for speed into account during customer engagements.

MINTVIZOR for Production offers an easy-to-use, configurable solution in the cloud which needs no deployment efforts. The machine connectivity can be achieved through a simple wizard thus making installation a smooth process. Hence MINTVIZOR is a significant business enabler for manufacturing organizations to have real-time insights into the availability, performance, and quality of tools, equipment, devices, and machines.

MINTVIZOR IIOT Platform provides the power of customization and flexible deployment along with the same visualization and connection capabilities of an OOTB production solution. This platform with its rapid application development framework can be leveraged to build smart industrial analytics applications.


  • Digital transformation unlocks the potential of your asset, improving reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing risk and operating costs
  • Optimize production efficiency and agility in your assets and production lines with data-driven decision support using standard and custom KPIs
  • Uncover real-time and historical operational knowledge to lean processes and develop standardized work for continuous improvement
  • Alert staff to unplanned variability and risk, avoiding costly errors and increasing throughput of better-quality products


  • Monitor the performance and health of machines during normal working operations to reduce the failures and unplanned downtime
  • Get real time and historical insights into your asset health, diagnose failures with root cause analysis and real time notifications or alerts according to condition of assets
  • Improve machine and operational reliability, product quality and employee safety while avoiding unplanned downtime and thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Enable intelligent scheduling with machine learning and AI based predictive insights, reduce breakdowns and asset damages


  • Streamline and bring full transparency to your manufacturing operations
  • Enable on-demand manufacturing with real time visibility and insights into your assets and production line across the entire manufacturing supply chain
  • Understand the real constraints in your manufacturing setup and take on-demand decisions based on systems driven alerts, insights and predictions


  • Ensures rapid response times, easy decision making and optimum use of resources
  • Get real time visibility into what’s happening in your plants in multiple locations from anywhere and anytime
  • Real time visibility – See your plant performance, machine analytics at any time from anywhere on any device. Track asset health, availability and utilization
  • Real time data insights – Access to real time data helping in real time problem solving
  • Increase productivity and efficiency – Improve productivity and operational as well as employee efficiency


  • Ensure your workforce can make better decisions, be more productive, and adapt in real-time
  • Measure, manage and control performance with data-driven insight to establish goals and empower your operators to self-manage their performance, identify best practices and design formal work processes
  • Empower front-line workers to improve communication, collaboration and training with digital productivity tools and dynamic work instructions


  • Improve 3D printer availability, capacity planning, up-time, yields and manage conditions that effect product quality
  • Provide a holistic, unified view of your additive equipment along with conventional equipment to enable better end-to-end part production efficiency and capacity optimization across the plant.