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Enabling Smart Manufacturing through Agile Digital Transformation

Easy to use manufacturing analytics solution for plant managers which provides real-time machine monitoring and analytics of shop-floor data to drive decision making for higher throughput, reduced downtime and improved product quality.

Provides a modern web based configurable user interface supported by cloud hosting and machine learning driven alerts and predictions.

These four terms all describe the same thing: the digital transformation of manufacturing. This transformation is being driven by disruptive technologies, increased automation and the addition of intelligence to manufacturing processes. And there’s no going back.

All manufacturers, large and small, need to adapt to the new smart and digital demands of business to compete effectively and succeed.

The key to mastering Industry 4.0 is data. 

It has become the Manufacturing industry’s most valuable business asset. The path to success is turn data into actionable insights that improve decision-making. If all that data is optimized, manufacturing companies are poised to increase efficiency, create competitive advantage and develop new business opportunities

Maximize efficiency with manufacturing intelligence

Manufacturing intelligence analytics can enable shop floor operators to focus on process optimization, product quality, and maximizing production line output. The final results of the production line and the quality of products are the targets of manufacturing intelligence. This means looking to optimize the production time cycle, decrease scraps, and rationalize energy costs.